Friday, July 17, 2009

Uggh, sorry for the lack of posts!

Hi guys, sooo sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Yes, I am still back from vacation, but unfortunately it seems that my computer is not.  I've been having MAJOR issues with my laptop, it can't even handle having firefox open without freezing these days, so I'm relegated to IE, and even then it seems like is way too much for it to deal with.  I hope to get it fixed or get a new one and be back to normal next week, sorry for the long absense! 

Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Navy back to school sale!

Old Navy is having an online only back-to-school event, free shipping on your entire order with any kids purchase!  Use this code: BTSCHOOL .  Looks like the code applies to Gap and Piperlime purchases too!  And they have tshirts as low as $2.99 for baby boys, and a cute tank for $2.99 for baby girls.

Finally back!

I'm finally back from vacation, my posting will now resume as normal :).  Hopefully you guys caught some of the great 4th of July sales while I was gone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Joys of Parenthood...

So, I'm sure you noticed the lack of posts yesterday and today.. well, Zach is sick, yesterday afternoon he woke up from his nap with a fever of 102 and we just went downhill from there :(.  He was up pretty much all night screaming and burning up with a few hour long naps stuck in, so needless to say we're both exhausted today!  His temperature and screaming were unchanged this morning so we took him to the doctor, turns out he has "herpangina" technical term that amounts to a viral infection that brings with it painful blisters to the back of the throat.  We have a recommended treatment from the doctor and he's doing MUCH better today, although definitely not 100% by any means.  He is thoroughly enjoying the prescribed pudding, milkshakes, and ice cream though (seriously, the doctor said that's what we should give him, lucky kid! I never had a doctor like that when I was little!!).  Hopefully he'll be better soon, we're headed to San Diego on vacation tomorrow, and I had planned to line up some posts to go out while I was gone, but, I was planning to do that today, and with Zach being sick I haven't had time :(.  So the lack of posts will continue unfortunately.  Hope everyone has a GREAT 4th of July!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Similac on sale at Target!

Marybeth over at babygoodbuys is blogging today about a Target sale on Similac. It's on sale for $21.49, paired with the $2 Target coupon AND whatever checks and manufacturer coupons you may have could make for a GREAT deal on Similac!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bumbo seat on baby earth, for the next hour!

UPDATE: Looks like it sold out, the final price was $21.80, but they often repeat products, so keep checking back!

If you're in the market for a bumbo seat head over to baby earth for the next hour, their GaGa deal is a blue bumbo! Shipping looks to be $6.95, so keep that in mind when you pull the trigger on the price! For those that don't know, a bumbo is an infant seat that helps them when they can't quite sit up on their own yet. Our doctor actually told us that it was as good as tummy time to build core muscles, which was great since Zach HATED tummy time!

Save 25% at Old Navy!

Save 25% at Old Navy when you use your Old Navy card with coupon code: THANKYOU25 Now through July 2, and it works in stores too! Better than the 15% off you can get from Old Navy Weekly! Shipping is a flat $7.