Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sign up for coupons! Feeding and Diapering your baby is expensive...

No one likes getting spam, but one of the easiest ways to get coupons is to sign up on the manfacturer's websites! To avoid cluttering up your inbox, I'd recommend creating a "coupon" email account, one you can use to sign up for all this stuff, that way you can check it at your leisure and not have to sort through these mails in your inbox! Some great sites to sign up on for coupons for baby stuff:

Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, all these websites will mail you coupons if you sign up, usually once a month or once a quarter, and even if you won't use them all, sign up anyways, they're great for trading!
Huggies is offering free samples of their new "Pure & Natural" line right now only in sizes N-2, but even if you can't use the size, they'd make a great baby shower gift!
And both Pampers and Huggies now have rewards programs, just enter the codes from your diapers and wipes, (which add up fast!) and you can get things like 200 shutterfly 4x6 prints, giftcards, toys, books, and more for your little one!

You can also sign up on the formula manufacters' websites for formula checks, these are invaluable, formula is soooo expensive! The makers of Similac periodically send out $5 formula checks, which in most stores can be COMBINED with a manufacturer's coupon AND a store coupon, so for instance, I have a $5 formula check, a $5 manufacturer's coupon, and a $2 Target coupon, so I can save $12 off of a can of formula! Get it on sale on top of that and we're talking less than $10 for formula! The same applies for Enfamil, and Nestle Good Start, the savings are out there guys, you just have to be creative :).

Signing up on the Nestle website also gets you Gerber coupons, but don't forget about Beech-Nut, and Earth's Best, these come in handy when your baby is ready for cereal, my little one has been on cereal for 3 months, and we've never bought any without a coupon!

Another money saving tip while we're on the subject of solid food, make your own baby food! It sounds daunting, but honestly it's just cooking veggies like you normally would, sans seasonings, and blend it up! It's super easy, you know exactly what your baby is eating, and to top it off, it's CHEAP! I would recommend investing in a good blender for this though, but don't worry, it'll pay for itself within a month, and it's also good for margaritas :)! I use this site for any questions I have on the best way to cook the food, or any freezing questions. Costco has great prices on frozen organic veggies and fruits such as peas, green beans, and peaches right now, and yes, it is ok to refreeze the cooked veggies and fruits. For example, we cook up a 5lb bag of frozen peas, according to package directions, blend them up, and then divide into ice cube trays. Once the peas are frozen we store in labeled freezer bags, that way we can just pull a couple cubes out at a time for meals, less waste than store bought food, which helps make it even cheaper. And for those concerned about portability, we just use bowls that come with lids, slip them in a ziploc throw them in the diaper bag, and voila!, lunch on the go :).

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