Friday, April 24, 2009

Teething Bling!

Lately Zach is a teething fiend, and he's been munching on anything he can get his hands on, including my necklace. This spurred me to see if there was something he could chew on besides jade and silver :). And lo and behold I found it at Smart Mom Jewlery. They have super cute necklaces with pendants made of silicone that are totally safe! They're also pretty inexpensive at around $20 a piece. I got mine last week and Zach loves it, Mommy comes with a teething ring now, I don't even show it to him, he just grabs it and munches away :).

The candy apple red version is on sale this month for 50% off, so at $10, it's a pretty cheap distraction for your baby!


  1. I got mine yesterday, it's super cute. Grace is not very interested yet but I think she will.

  2. As soon as she starts teething she'll be munching away! :) Glad you like it.