Friday, June 12, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupons refreshed

The OldNavyWeekly coupons have refreshed, I didn't see it happen so it must have been sometime last night. Here are the locations courtesy of Stacey at afullcup in case they reload them during the week, the big ones are gone for now:

Coupon Locations for week of 6/12:

75/100--wait for the little gopher to pop up out of hole and click on the golfball he now has on his head (if you hold your cursor on the flag post and stare at hole, he'll make dirt kick up... just start clicking!!!). To get him to pop up - Click golf ball in guy's hand, click golf club to swing. Ball goes in hole. Popup comes up for the 50/100. Wait a few minutes and a gopher will pop up. Click the ball on the gopher's head before it rolls off..

50/100--click on golf ball, then head of putter in Wesley's hand

20/100--hold cursor in water beside top pic of Wesley and a little surfer will appear 3 or so waves in, just click on him

10/50--move blue shirt from left side of screen to Enrique on top picture

15/75--click on Enrique in video

5/50--vote Enrique on top, then Wesley on bottom

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