Monday, June 1, 2009

Old Navy Weekly has refreshed

So I totally spaced on the Old Navy Weekly coupon refresh :(.  Hopefully some of you snagged some of the good ones, in case you're still looking or waiting for the next refresh, here are the locations, courtesy of Stacey at afullcup:

$75/$100 - Click palm tree in bottom and catch bird that flies out

$50/$100 - Fabulous finds section, scroll to the left and you will see the blue and turquiose polo shirt and click it. Seems East Coast people did not have this option, the shirt wasn't there.

$20 off $100 - Move flag t-shirts around to make them red first, then white, then blue

30% OF $50 - Move scarf onto girl with short dress

10% off purchase when you name a supermodelquin - drag black & white dress from right side and put it over model wearing other black & white dress

15% off purchase - Click the American Flag that the girl is holding at the bottom


  1. Help end eBay coupon scalpers.

    1: Search eBay for "old navy 75 coupon".

    2: Report all the old navy weekly coupons as
    "Prohibited (banned items)"
    "Currency, Coins, Stamps, Coupons, etc."
    "Coupon Listings that fail to meed eBay guidelines"

    3: Give a description stating items are invalid, fraudulent, etc. describe it however you want.

    4: Include all item numbers you can find (in groups or 10).

    5: Send Report

    I've found
    180363762605, 180363765340, 180363768831, 170339297646, 170339297785, 220425855985, 220425856807, 260420994839, 160339232432, 370209609786, 180363772644, 280352800664, 280352797511, 280352794710, 250435750162, 250435744513, 220425831401, 220425838682, 250435753281, 250435754641

  2. More ebay items to report
    250436178306, 280353091132

  3. Here's one 220426177395 it's up to $28 now. I couldn't catch that bird for the life of me, lol.