Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Navy Weekly has refreshed!

I don't know when it happened, I went to bed near 11pm MST and it still wasn't up :P. In any case, here are the locations courtesy of Stacey at afullcup in case they reload the coupons this week (looks like the big ones are gone right now):

$75/$100 - Put marshmallow on fishing lure, then click the reel part to get it to fish, catch the fish! HURRY!

$50/$100 - Cast the fishing lure by clicking the reel part and catch the fish

$20/$100 - Scratch the marshmellow shirt on the girl by the camp fire with your mouse, you have to do it for about 30 seconds and then the 20/100 will pop up

$15/$75 is in the movie...1:34 in click on the modelquin on the right's shoes. Also, in the video that you click on, girl smiling with blue shirt.

$5 off $50 - Click Girls pink flashlight

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