Friday, May 15, 2009

ahh, sweet Sophie

Our Sophie came in the mail this week, yes I finally broke down and got one, Zach's teething has been rough, and when we saw a friend from baby group with one praising her usefulness I decided to bite the bullet and get one. Thanks Laura :).

So what's the big deal with her? She's made of 100% natural rubber, and food grade paint, she's small, light, easy to grip, a new and fun texture, she squeaks, she's soft, and she's easy and comforting to chew on.

Admittedly, Zach wasn't sure at first, I think he was a little freaked by the texture, but the second time I offered her he snatched her and started munching on her right away, it seemed to soothe his little gums. She's a little pricey at around $20, but definitely worth it if it makes the little guy feel better, and being all natural makes me feel good about it too. The other, slightly anticipated drawback? The dog is infatuated with her, she looks, smells, and sounds just like all his favorite toys (latex squeaky things), and I'm pretty sure it's torture for him to watch Zach play with it and know that he's going to get in trouble if he gets a hold of her. We caught the dog with her the other day after we'd inadvertently left them alone, he knew he was in trouble, but the face he gave us, was pretty much "Mom, I HAD to, I couldn't control myself".

So, moral of the story, it's a good product, baby will love it, but maybe get the pup a toy at the same time so he's not fixated on her too! :).

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