Friday, May 1, 2009

How do you get the Old Navy Weekly coupons?

Mostly luck, a little bit of creativity.  For those that don't know, they refresh the coupons on every week between Thurs and Fri, this week it was around 2am EST, but it varies every week, they try to keep us on our toes.  I usually check the site after we put Zach to bed but before I hit the sack, depending on how bad I want one I'll stay up a little while to wait for the refresh, once I got lucky because Zach woke me up in the middle of the night, and I figured if I'm up already might as well check, that time I got the $50 off $100!  I use this site to help find the big dollar ones, everyone is super helpful there, and there's a new thread every week.  And it a huge advantage to be on the west coast, so if ON decides to refresh the coupons at 1am EST, it's only 10 for me :).  This time we scored the BIG one ($75 off $100) because my hubby was helping in the search, basically just click around the site and the coupons will pop up, there are a few still available.  The big ones go REALLY fast, and some shady folks get a bunch and put them on ebay.

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