Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Navy Weekly coupons have refreshed!

Looks like they refreshed the already around 9pm EDT Thursday according to Stacey at afullcup. The good ones are already gone, but here are the locations courtesy of Stacey in case they refresh!  Happy Hunting!

$60/$100 - Take the green bucket to right screen to fill it with water and then to the picture with 3 people wearing goggles to fill that square. It will take 4 times to fill up the square to get the coupon.

$45/$100 - Take spray bottle from girl in purple and spray white girl in blue bikini top 2 times.

$10/$50 - Take head from sand and put it on headless boy

$20/$100 - take the bag with the orange stripes and put it into the hand of the girl with the purlple dress on the top right.

$15/$75 - click on woman's hand at ~4 secs in video

$5/$50 - click on the orange soda in the girl in the green bikini's hand 

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