Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old Navy Weekly coupons have refreshed!

Looks like they refreshed the at 9:25pm EDT Thursday according to Stacey at afullcup. The good ones are already gone, but here are the locations courtesy of Stacey in case they refresh!

$60/$100 - Click on the dog to "pet it" multiple times and a coconut falls - catch the coconut for the coupon. "Pet" dog by clicking and dragging for 10 strokes and as soon as you see the coconut fall bring the cursor down to the very bottom of the page under the orange striped bag to catch it! (actually you can click and drag anywhere in the frame 10x and the coconut will fall, but that thing is FAST)

$45/$100 - Close the red umbrella

$10 off $50 - Go to movie and click on the water background when Heather is swaying and it says "Tankini coverup"

25% off - Bottom right corner click "Download PDF"

20% off - Move orange striped bag on top of Blue striped bag

15% off - Move flag from girls Tshirt to little boys hand.

10% off - Starfish in girls hand

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